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Unbeatable crowd developed computer by eve.community

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Pyramid Flipper is developed by the users. Enter Eve.Community, a place where the development takes place. We have only three rules; no useless features, no bloatware and no unreasonable prices! You decide what Pyramid Flipper is!

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Pyramid Flipper is the first-ever crowd-developed computer

At our community tech-enthusiasts from all over the world are changing the way products are developed. Pyramid Flipper will deliver a whole new edge to your productivity. All day battery life, portability of a tablet and performance to handle work just like your laptop.


Why this project was started?

Have you wondered why tablets, smartphones and laptops are full of flaws and bloatware?

That's because big corporations design products placing investors as their top priority, while the end user's needs are at the bottom. Eve.Community exists to change that.

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T1 was a good beginning.
 Time to raise the bar.

Our first device: Eve T1, a small Windows tablet that was created to prove that a small team of passionate tech-enthusiasts can create a product and sell it online without need for middle men and big investors. As a result Eve T1 was one of the best value small Windows tablets out there.

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