“Pyramid Flipper”

Summer 2016

Pyramid Flipper is the first-ever crowd-developed device

At our community hundreds of technology enthusiasts are changing the way products are developed. Pyramid Flipper will deliver a whole new edge to your productivity. All day battery life, portability of a tablet and performance to handle work just like your laptop.


Why did I join eve community?

You decide what goes in

Enter Eve.Community, a place where “Pyramid Flipper” is developed. We have only three rules; no useless features, no bloat ware and no unreasonable prices! You decide what Pyramid Flipper will be!

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Project Pyramid Flippers is crowd-developed from day one.

Here is the simple method how the crowd locks down each spec at Eve Community:

  1. Advisory discussion round:

    Discussion about each new spec is started by Eve, community gives direction and preliminary votes on which way to go. Have a look at how some of the previous spec discussions got started: Sreen, CPU.

  1. Sourcing component options in the shadows:

    Specific spec options searched and found by Eve Team according to community’s wishes. This is the hard part where Eve Team is looking for specific component options. This phase ensures that Pyramid Flipper will be a dream come true, not just a dream.

  1. Final decision:

    Specific spec options put out for discussion and voting.

The Pyramid Flipper is shaping up! Below are directions of where the specs are headed. To read the summary of discussions so far, click here.

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Most of us are mainly interested to know when Pyramid Flipper is ready and availablre for purchase.

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Why this project was started?

Have you wondered why tablets, smartphones and laptops are full of flaws and bloatware?

That's because big corporations design products placing investors as their top priority, while the end user's needs are at the bottom. Eve community exist to change that.

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We did it once! We can do it again!

Our first device: Eve T1, a small Windows tablet that was created to prove that a small team of passionate tech enthusiasts can create a product and sell it online without need for middle man and big investors. As a result Eve T1 was one of the best value small Windows tablets out there.

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